A Precious Wild Place in Florida’s Panhandle JOHN B. SPOHRER, JR.
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John SpohrerJohn B. Spohrer, Jr. is a Florida Master Naturalist who has lived on the Forgotten Coast since 1980 after moving from his native Louisiana. He is a graduate of Louisiana State University and studied graduate-level creative writing at Florida State University. He is an honorably-discharged veteran of the U. S. Army.

The author is married to Helen Diane Townsend Spohrer of The Plains, Louisiana. The family is active in supporting the Franklin County Humane Society and the Florida Wild Mammal Association and urges your support of these two worthy organizations. 

Spohrer and his wife own Forgotten Coast TV. This cable TV channel is dedicated to eco-education and to displaying the unique culture and resources of the Forgotten Coast and Franklin County, Florida. Forgotten Coast TV is available on all cable outlets in Franklin County and broadcasts streaming on the Internet at www.ForgottenCoastTV.com.

The author has been the host of "The Forgotten Coast Outdoors" since 2005. This show emphasizes the eco-adventures available here that can bring both visitors and locals closer to understanding and appreciating the land, plants and animals that call the Forgotten Coast home.

"My goals are to promote the lawful, ethical and responsible treatment of all wildlife and to support additions to our treasury of public wild lands as befits the Forgotten Coast's unique and irreplaceable bio-diversity.

My hope is that these images and stories remind you of the urgent need to protect and nurture the heart and soul of Florida's Forgotten Coast, its wild creatures in their wild places. They have nowhere left to go.


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