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From the author: "There are yearly cycles of natural events that shape the character and complexity of the Apalachicola Bay and the land surrounding it. Shrimp hatch and grow in their uncountable numbers, shoals of fishes patrol the shallows and depths, diving and wading birds feed on the multitude of marine creatures, dolphin whelp their young and teach them to hunt, gentle manatees roam, eagles and ospreys soar above the waterscape while storms rage and kind breezes blow."

"These great events of birth, growth, migration, competition, struggle and death are the seasons of Apalachicola Bay."

"And there is the light. The soul-pleasing light of this coast that bathes the land, water, clouds and animals in its colors and glory. It is the light from sun and moon and stars and lightning and the life it illuminates that is celebrated in this book. The Seasons of Apalachicola Bay & Florida's Forgotten Coast."

Large format "coffee table" edition. 176 pages, 390 original color photographs.

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